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Образ «Серебряный блонд» от ведущего стилиста сети салонов «Celebrity» Бологова Дениса

Экспертиза красоты: стилист Денис Бологов | СПЛЕТНИК

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Today as an expert in the field of beauty we have Denis Bologov, the famous stylist SPA salon in “Copernicus”. It makes the hair our celebrity: Tina Kandelaki, Yulia Volkova (t group.A.T.u.), Alena Sviridova and Vlad Topalov.

By the way, at the hands of Vlad Topalov Denise recently became a brunette and got a very short haircut. In the new image you will soon see the singer on the cover of the last CD and in the video clip.

Anne Hathaway

“Since “the Devil wears Prada” her style was darkened. Thick long bangs, and dark chocolate color of her hair is more went. I like her nebroskoy, she looks European. There is some affectation in the way. Ann big facial features, and it fair puts the emphasis on her plump lips”.


“Oh… (sighs). In my opinion already all have long understood that her main counters is eyebrows and jewelry. A few of them on Anastasia never happens. I remember her sophisticated, chic outfits. She is so always. I can say that the hair Volochkova usually competently painted, and the girl watching over them. It is not clear what her hairstyle, as the hair in ballerina gathered together.”


“I don’t like her a single question. Madonna always looks very fashionable and cool. Even hairpieces look on her is harmonious. Cool arrows on the eyes. Decent black outfit, however she often appears in black. Looks like pop diva in innovative ways. Madonna, the only person, in my opinion, worth clone”.

Victoria Lopyreva

“They say that she was once “Miss Russia”. Apparently, before the girl was fascinated and silicone injections. Victoria need to look for something that will be to decorate it. It looks too simple. So look all. I would advise her to do less and focus on sequins on the chest. She’s not really showing the status of “Miss Russia”. However, her earrings and necklace I like.”

Christina Aguilera

“It’s just hard! Apparently, her hairdresser does not regret blunderbuses funds. The hair looks disgusting. I can imagine these girls on the streets of our country, but the star of such level as Christina Aguilera can’t afford to look. Makeup messy and vulgar. She urgently needs a good stylist”.

Tatyana Gevorkyan

“Not a good photo of Tatiana and its not the best look. It is noticeable that the makeup and hair she did herself. For such an event as the premiere of “sex and the city”, we had to try. Is more luxurious, wavy hair. But I like the mood in this picture. Well chosen accessories, and dress her in Versace looks good”.

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Кликните для увеличения. Сегодня в роли эксперта в области красоты у нас Денис Бологов, знаменитый стилист SPA салона в "Копернике".

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Денис Бологов. АртДиректор стилист. (C) 2008 — 2017 celebrity. ООО «Финам».

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Образ «Серебряный блонд» от ведущего стилиста сети салонов «Celebrity» Бологова Дениса - Duration: 1:03.

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Услуги стилиста Дениса Бологова. При оказании услуг с 22:00 до 8:00 в будни и с 22:00 до 10:00 в выходные дни услуги оплачиваются по двойному тарифу.

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Звездный парикмахер - Денис Бологов. Пятница, 31 Июля 2009 г. 12:16 + в цитатник.Я попала в руки настоящего профессионала - Дениса Бологова.

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Лучший ответ про денис бологов стилист дан 13 ноября автором ирина козунова.денис бологов стилист. 30.11.-0001 Салоны красоты и СПА.